LIGHT WEIGHT WALLING SYSTEMS - Start to finish solutions

Petes Render in partnership with Pete's Renders provide cost effective light weight walling solutions. Primarily focussing on offering a personalised service to those people looking for a true start to finish solution to their light weight walling needs.

All tasks on site are carried out by the same team of qualified trades people, from the installation of the sarking through to the completed wall.

Petes Render does not employ third party sub contractors, and all works are supervised by a Registered Building Practitioner.

It is with an intimate knowledge of light weight walling systems thet we pride ourselves on offering the following range of services and solutions:

  • Expanded Polystyrer Solutions
  • High Density Extruded Polystyrene
  • Fibre cement sheeting (Blue board)

We offer a full installation service, which includes:

  • Sarking
  • Light weight cladding
  • Caulking to all openings

Each of our qualified trades people has the necessary training and experience to perform all of these tasks with out the need for hiring external subcontractors, which means that all works contracted to us are performed "in house".

Petes Render maintains a very personalised service that is capable of catering for projects ranging from extensions, renovations, multi unit residential developments, homes and commercial projects.